Welcome to the Ruby D-Bus Trac pages


This is the Trac site for the  Ruby implementation of  D-Bus.


2011-07-26: Released  0.7.0 ( ruby-dbus-0.7.0.gem), fixing compatibility with Ruby 1.9.2 and various bugs.

2010-12-10: Released  0.6.0 ( ruby-dbus-0.6.0.gem), with client properties.

2010-11-07: Released  0.5.0 as a Gem ( ruby-dbus-0.5.0.gem), with a better binding of Ruby Exceptions to D-Bus Errors.

2010-08-20: Released  0.4.0 ( ruby-dbus-0.4.0.tgz), adding TCP transport, a feature by pangdudu.

2010-07-22: Released  0.3.1 ( ruby-dbus-0.3.1.tgz), fixing a resource leak in DBus signal handling.

2010-03-28: Released  0.3.0 ( ruby-dbus-0.3.0.tgz), fixing the library on Ubuntu and adding automatic signature inference for variants.

2010-01-24: Released  0.2.12 ( ruby-dbus-0.2.12.tgz).

2009-11-12: Released  0.2.11 ( ruby-dbus-0.2.11.tgz).

2009-09-10: Released  0.2.10 ( ruby-dbus-0.2.10.tgz).

2009-08-26: Released  0.2.9 ( ruby-dbus-0.2.9.tgz).

2007-12-29: Released 0.2.1 (news)! This is a bugfix release including many received patches. Thanks!

2007-07-02: Released 0.2.0! This is our first real public release. Main updates are in the  API documentation and the  tutorial.

2007-05-09: Reuploaded our release tarballs. They were broken since 2007-05-07. Sorry for the inconvenience!

2007-05-05: Put a rendering of the  Ruby D-Bus Tutorial online!

2007-04-23: Released 0.1.1! This fixes a stupid bug, found and fixed by Rudi Cilibrasi.

2007-04-17: Released 0.1.0!

2007-03-29: Added the high-level ApiProposal.

2007-03-19: A development  mailinglist has been set up.

2007-03-18: Added source documentation for trunk!



You can get the latest development version via  GitHub: git clone git://github.com/mvidner/ruby-dbus.git


Contact the mailing list: ruby-dbus-devel at lists.luon.net ( archives)

  • Paul van Tilburg <paul@…>
  • Arnaud Cornet <arnaud.cornet@…>
  • Martin Vidner <martin.dbus at vidner.net>